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Dr Lesley Haines MB ChB MSc MA MRCPsych

Independent Psychiatrist

Shrinkwork, 1 Lawson Terrace, Knutton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 6DS
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Previous Experience

Successfully implementing New Ways of Working within a Community Mental Health Team, and later across City Mental Health Services.

  • Response to a long-term vacant post and the retirement of two part-time consultants
  • Evidence based, adopting a national agenda
  • Identifying areas for development and areas of consolidation
  • Delivering robust policies to support extended roles and training staff to meet those roles
  • Identifying, training and mentoring non-medical prescribers and nurse practitioners
  • Developing care pathways for service users, particularly those with chronic or relapsing conditions.

Results: reduced waiting lists, improved patient satisfaction, better continuity of care and improved staff morale.


Implementation of the 2007 Mental Health Act (enacted November 2009) across a Mental Health Trust

  • Review of evolving national policy and procedures
  • Working with commissioners, two local authorities, police and ambulance services
  • Identifying staff to undertake extended roles of Approved Clinician and Approved Mental Health Professional
  • Developing policies and procedures to support Supervised Community Treatment
  • Highlighting and addressing deficits in Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Advocacy Services
  • Disseminating information across all levels of the service, from support workers to non-executive directors
  • Giving seminars and publishing information leaflets for service users


Clinical Director, Rochdale Mental Health Services

I successfully navigated the department through the transition from a small part of an acute Trust to part of a large, specialist Mental Health Trust. Expectations of the new Trust were high, but dashed when the budget to accompany the switch was not as high as anticipated. This culminated in the unpleasant but necessary closure of a psychiatric ward and the experience of implementing negative change in teams, whilst maintaining close working relationships with both staff and patients.

  • System of Consultant appraisal, extended to associate specialists and non-career-grade doctors. I attracted a reputation for not being afraid to tackle poorly performing doctors.
  • Clinical Risk Assessment tool and system, based on the MacArthur studies from the States
  • Care Planning for those with long-term conditions, and recovery plans for all users

Dr Lesley Haines MB ChB MSc MRCPsych
Independent Psychiatrist
Shrinkwork, 1 Lawson Terrace, Knutton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 6DS
VAT Registration No: 169 7260 71
01782 768656 | 07545 348413